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Magic Mike

Magic Mike- Steven Soderbergh and Reid Carolin's idea of a male stripper movie starring Channing Tatum with Matthew McConaughey.

This is nothing like a male stripper movie, so if that's what you're going in for, this is only going to disappoint. Although there are good strip scenes, we never see an entire strip performance, mostly it's several short shots of many performances in a row and then extremely long boring parts where a plot about how Channing Tatum's  character, Mike, doesn't really want to be a stripper. Instead he'd like to start his own business building things. However, the stripper lifestyle, which is rather demonized in the movie, is a life of drugs and partying, and he's finding it hard to get where he wants from where he is now. 

Honestly I was disappointed. The movie is really intense rather than fun, and it focuses heavily on drug use. There's violence and a lot more female nudity than expected, especially considering it's a movie about male strippers, and for being such buff guys there were an awful lot of scenes with them fully clothed. The writing is really not good, and although the scenes sort of mimic life, it leaves these extremely long pauses where the characters just stare at each other or act awkward. 

Personally I was really excited to see it, but didn't end up liking it at all. It was really poorly written and interesting characters like Olivia Munn's Joanna were brought up and flushed out without being fleshed out and she actually added nothing to the plot besides being one of the most fascinating characters. Matthew McConaughey was really creepy in this movie, but he was also one of the best parts. Channing Tatum was fine and has nice arms and can dance like no one's business, but it was sort of disappointing that he was the main character. Alex Pettyfer looks like he might be the main character for a while as Adam, but he sort of serves for a foil or replacement to Tatum's Mike. The drugs focus around him for a while and then he fades out. Matt Bomer was in this too and I looked forward to seeing him, but he's hardly in it. He was incredibly gorgeous, but also kind of creepy.

This is a decent sort of 25-35-something's intense getting-out drama, but it is not a good male stripper movie and it's not aimed at women.

It was boring, it was awkward, and if you do a google search for your favorite actor with his shirt off you're going to get more action than you'll get from the film. Although it was advertised toward a female audience, I can't see it appealing only to women, since there are a lot of strip scenes but they really aren't that long and if you're a woman who wants to go to see hot men stripping and dancing, you should save your money. You can find better and you can find something aimed at you and not something that felt like a man's version of what women might want to see. Straight boys? You really might like it, but I'm not recommending anyone go out and see it.

EDIT: Apparently Magic Mike is actually sort of about Channing Tatum's actual life, so if you're interested in that it could be a selling point, but for me it just emphasizes how bad the writing was and how misleading the commercials are. Also there's a romance that sneaks up in the movie and at the end I think we're supposed to cheer for but not a single person in my theater was feeling it. 

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Well, that sucks :( I was really interested to see it because of Matt Bomer, but pfft, never mind. I hate when trailers are so misleading like that.

Yeah, same here. I went to see it for him but he's seriously barely in it at all.

Well, at least I know not to waste my time!

If anyone's interested here's a positive review of the movie from The New York Times that I don't necessarily agree with, but will give you a different perspective and help you decide whether or not to go. I felt like there was still a lot of objectifying of women for a movie that's meant to switch gender roles, but there you go.

Was this movie based on Channing Tatum's experiences as a male stripper?

Yes, it apparently was. Interesting, huh?

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