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Red State

Red State- This is Kevin Smith's 2011 semi-political horror/action flick set in middle America focused around fundamentalists with a crazy agenda.

This movie is about a more radical family than the Westboro Baptist Church Phelps. Basically the focus of the movie is around a family who are as bad as religious fundamentalists can get and they're packing heat. Three teens go out looking for sex and get mixed up in their very dark, disturbing agenda and things go to hell from there.

This movie sucked. It starts out like maybe it's going to be political and you think you know who your heroes are and the tension is set up really well, and then it changes and you think it's going to be focused more on a horror type of plot. About halfway through the movie all of that is tossed out and suddenly becomes this weird, shoot-em-up movie of less than even B quality and any sort of set up or premise is tossed out. By the end, logic is tossed out too and if you were attempting to stomach the violence and disturbing aspects in hopes that the movie itself would turn around or be interesting in the end or the writing would improve, you're just going to be let down. It had literally no redeeming qualities.

Basically, if you want to see a horror or action movie, find another one. Anything else you can find will be better written, more consistent, or more satisfying. If you're looking for a political movie about fundamentalists I would suggest you go elsewhere too because the heavy-handed messages the movie seems to be trying to delve into early on get tossed out and become almost a farce of themselves.


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