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Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet- 2010 romance about coming back to the perfect person, and being where you're meant to be, starring Amanda Seyfried.

Sophie goes to Verona, Italy on a pre-wedding honeymoon with her fiance, but he's so obsessed with his new restaurant opening that he spends the entire vacation finding suppliers and learning new Italian recipes. This gives Sophie a lot of time to explore, and eventually she finds her way to a place where women write letters to Juliet, the tragic heroine from Shakespeare's famous romance. A group of women take it upon themselves to collect the letters and write back, and while helping them, Sophie finds a letter that has been hidden at the wall for decades. She writes back and not long after that, the woman who wrote the letter, Claire, comes to Verona. Sophie meets her, and helps her find her long-lost love again.

This movie has a lot of strong female characters and a truly touching plot. SPOILER ALERT. The one problem I had with it was Sophie's eventual love interest; Claire's grandson Charlie. I spent the movie hoping they wouldn't end up together. It was the sort of situation where she could so easily do better, and the idea that her fiance neglectful and wasn't the one for her really didn't make up for the insecure ass Charlie was. They had no chemistry, and even when they did begin to develope some as the movie went along, they never had the "star-crossed lover" dynamic that this movie was aiming for. Christopher Egan, who played Charlie was just not good in that role. The story of Claire finding her long lost love was touchingly romantic, but Charlie and Sophie falling in love never worked for me.

The movie was incredibly romantic, well written, and even inspirational. Sophie aspires to be a writer, and when she's able to achieve that in the end because of writing about her adventures with Claire in Italy, it makes for a powerful transition between Claire's romance and her own.

This is the type of romance movie all women should see, (as women are clearly the target audience.) But I think a sensative man would love this movie just as much.


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