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Thor- Marvel has figured themselves out and have turned this comic book series into a superb superhero classic that absolutely anyone  will enjoy. Chris Hemsworth plays the title character along with Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Natalie Portman as the love interest Jane Foster, and a generally fantastic cast.

Thor is the oldest son of Odin and next in line for the throne of Asgard. But he is wild and reckless and has a thirst for battle which gets him into trouble and causes his father to strip him of his godly powers and send him to Earth to teach him a lesson.

I won't give anything away, because this is a must-see and I suggest you catch it in theater to receive the full effect of the stunning computer graphics designs, but Loki was easily my favorite character. All the other Norse God characters from the comic book were charming in their own way and were both funny and awe-inspiring, but the complexity of Loki's character actually shocked me. Commonly depicted as a trickster, I didn't expect much out of Tom Hiddleston's Loki except that he would be a typical jealous younger brother, but he played a very emotional, complex character with depth to his motives and actions. I would easily go see this movie again just to further examine Loki. 
That, and Chris Hemsworth's abs. 
Ladies, if you had any doubts about whether you wanted to see this movie, the minute when Chris Hemsworth is shirtless is absolutely your selling point. So worth it.
Thor is easily the most female-friendly superhero movie I've ever seen. There's no sexually objectified love interest, no gratuitous love-making scene (which contributes towards making this movie perfectly kid-friendly) and the two leading female characters are the War Goddess Sif who is a fighter and in absolutely every way an equal to her male counterparts, and Jane who ends up being Thor's love interest, but who is a scientist and is never dressed in a sexual manner at all, wearing instead casual clothes which are logical for her character and profession. Without overtly drawing attention to themselves, the women are natural, powerful characters in this movie on a level that is rare in this genre.
I absolutely recommend this movie, and you shouldn't be afraid to bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, children, or even grandparents along because they will enjoy it too. It is primarily an action movie, but it also has a story, incredibly complex characters, and a beautiful design. Enjoy.


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